Catheter Craziness 

​Just a quick update: I am sore still but okay.  Was pretty dopey this weekend on painkillers but am needing less today, for sure.  The actual catheter isn’t going to be too bad.  I mean,  I’m not in love with plastic tubing hanging out of my belly,  but that’s just vanity. I see no evidence of internal bleeding like before the second surgery.  Mainly I am itching from all of the tape I have to use to keep the tubing from dangling.  I have ordered a Catheter belt that includes a pouch for the excess tubing. So that should help immensely.  I’m still swollen,  but it seems like your regular run-of-the-mill-post-surgery swelling. 

I have Dialysis tonight,  so that’s my big plan for today.  Just gonna chill and veg out.  Love Y’all!!!  Try to choose joy… That’s what I’m trying to do too!!! 

Heads up on my next week

​I am heading into the hospital on Tuesday the 31st to get my peritoneal catheter placed. I’ve been on hemo dialysis for nearly a decade… And I am so nervous about the change. It takes about a month for the catheter to be useable. I will update with more information soon. Eek. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. It’s a jumbled- up – fun-time at Genna Rose’s tonight.

Tonight’s Quote

“Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not.” -Paulo Coelho

(Listen to him. He’s a smart dude.)

Good night friends. Choose JOY tomorrow! (Even if it is MONDAY!) ❤

Did you know how many lives you can save by being an organ donor?

Every year, in India alone, 250,000 people need a kidney transplant, 80,000 a liver transplant, 50,000 a heart transplant, and 100,000 a cornea transplant. These statistics keep growing as a result of the increasing number of organ failures that are rampant in the human life cycle. Please note these are only estimates, based on known […]

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