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Catheter Craziness 

​Just a quick update: I am sore still but okay.  Was pretty dopey this weekend on painkillers but am needing less today, for sure.  The actual catheter isn’t going to be too bad.  I mean,  I’m not in love with plastic tubing hanging out of my belly,  but that’s just vanity. I see no evidence of internal bleeding like before the second surgery.  Mainly I am itching from all of the tape I have to use to keep the tubing from dangling.  I have ordered a Catheter belt that includes a pouch for the excess tubing. So that should help immensely.  I’m still swollen,  but it seems like your regular run-of-the-mill-post-surgery swelling. 

I have Dialysis tonight,  so that’s my big plan for today.  Just gonna chill and veg out.  Love Y’all!!!  Try to choose joy… That’s what I’m trying to do too!!!